Friday, March 9, 2007

New Age Wedding Gifts

Nowadays, we have lotsa choices to give as wedding presents to our friends who are getting married. Next month, my lovely sista is getting married. And I'd like to highlight some things that are worth giving. No more of those tea sets!! Please!! Unless specifically requested la.. japanese tea set won't harm...

1. Bedsheet (make sure what size they're using)
2. Curtain (which type, the pole or the old fashioned rail)
3. Carpet (ask what colour theme is their room or hall)
4. Silver cutlery set
5. DVD player (yg ada divx lar...)
6. Picture frames (set yang mahal sket la.. bukan yg rm5 satu tu)
7. Cordless phone (you need a fixed line at home sometimes)
8. Lamp (again you must know their theme)
9. Bathrobe with initials (hmm...)
10. Juice/Coffee maker (kalau dia tak suka kopi jgn la beli coffee maker tu..)

Ok what I'm trying to say here is, try avoiding buying the same old tea set, dining set, kettle, iron... selalu i tgk bila dorang bukak hadiah kan, byk la plak yg bagi benda sama...

Or to be on the safe side, tanya terus kat pengantin tu, nak apa.. abih citer... any more ideas? I need to find a gift for my sista here

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