Saturday, February 3, 2007

strategic game

Many things I learnt these few weeks. Mostly just makes me want to be ignorant all the more. Especially the part where people think that they know everything, and pushing away the fact that the person they're speaking to knows something too. To make things worse they're so proud of what they're bragging about, when actually it's just bullshit to most of us.

I don't mind them being proud of who they know, we all are proud with who we know. The thing that makes me sick is when they start to look down on us. Damn, you're lucky we didn't say more. We're not impressed with any of the names you mentioned, nor the functions that you're planning. Our only focus is us, and everything related to our rights. Didn't they listen to anything we said? I'm not impressed with what money do to people like them. Wasted.

It's a sad thing when someone tries to help, but being taken advantage of. Sigh…

And sadder when what they've bragged about just reveals their weaknesses and giving us points to counter-attack them back! Amusing. It feels like we're playing a strategic game. What happened these few days just makes me want to pin-point their mistakes and make a fool out of them and just walk away with just smiles on our faces. That would be very satisfying.

I pity those who tried and worked hard. It seems pointless now. Pointless when you get to know people like them. Pointless when you know that the world is just polluted with people like them, taking advantage and politics are always everywhere. Has money blinded us all? Where's the quality in our work nowadays?

…………. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . ..

Okay, I just received good news! Gonna call my baby… forget about this blog!! I'm so happy right now!! Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaa………………

kampai beeee kampaiii!!!!

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